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 Skating Articles - 12/15/2007

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Daisha Hanmon

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Skating Articles - 12/15/2007 Empty
PostSubject: Skating Articles - 12/15/2007   Skating Articles - 12/15/2007 Icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2007 9:05 am

Skating Articles for 12/15/2007

A new ice age - by Cori Weiner, The St.Petersburg Times

Dramatic Icebreaker: Skating stars who appeared on Channel One's reality show "Ice Age" take on acting roles in a new series, "My Hot Ice." - by Anna Malpas, The Moscow Times

'Nutcracker' back on the ice: Columbia Figure Skating Club to do annual show - by Karen Nitkin, Baltimore Sun

Skaters ready to show their skills - by Jeremy H. Dickman, Morning Sun

Dorothy Hamill to star in Coussoulis Arena show - by Michael Sorba, San Bernardino County Sun

Figure Skating 101 - Dec. 14: Forward scratch spins - by Jo Ann Schneider Farris, IceNetwork News
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Skating Articles - 12/15/2007
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