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 Stars On Ice in Japan

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Stars On Ice in Japan
Here's a video of Mao practicing for Stars on Ice in Japan!

translation into english made by akira Andrea on fsuniverse:

Translation into English.
00 ; 00
Mao Asada, who achieved two straight victories in Japan Nationals, and Miki Ando showed their exercise yesterday.

00 : 07
Mao-chan and Mikity told the aspiration for New Year together.

00 : 13
Mao-chan and Mikity who opened to the media an exercise for the ice show which is performed in four places in Japan, exhibited a splendid jump each other.
Then it was asked how they spent New Year holidays.

00 : 26
Asada : “I went to Tokyo on 30th December and watched a baby of my pet dog Aero. But, on 31th December, I almost spent a day "as goro goro" or idly in my house. I spent a day "as goro goro" or idly in a house also on 1st January and I started an exercise from 2th January as always”.

00 : 49
Ando : “Because I cannot go for a public coming-of-age ceremony for ice show, on New Year's Day, I spent a day as taking the memorial photographs and doing etc, in a long-sleeved kimono”.

01 : 06
And Ando who won the championship at the Worlds last year told an aspiration for two straight victories.

01 : 12
Ando : “Aiming at doing the skating suitable for me as the first goal, I want to participate to the Worlds. I intend to adopt moreover the new jump from now on and I need to improve the spin so that it is recognized at a higher level. I want to do the performance that is better than Japan Nationals, by doing my best with a feeling of starting again from the beginning”.

01 : 41
Mao Asada who was the cecond place in Worlds, said.

01 : 46
Asada : “I want to make an effort to be able to exhibit my ability more than 100% for match in the Worlds”.

01 : 56
Mao-chan and Mikity seem to give to us to exhibit the splendid performance also in this year, in the Four Continents at February and the Worlds at March.

mao has a new dress?!?!
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Stars On Ice in Japan
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